DLVSystem participates in the MAP4ID workshop as a project consultant. Giovanni Laboccetta, DLVSystem project manager, will illustrate the work carried out within the project with particular reference to the definition of techniques and prototypes of Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry 4.0.

The Workshop was organized by all project partners and will be held at the Press Office of the University of Calabria.

The Map4ID project aims to create a software platform to support application scenarios related to Industry 4.0 (iot, Business Information Systems, external sources of information). In this regard, DLVSystem contributes its know-how in the field of the main and most innovative AI techniques and analysis methodologies for real industrial processes.

The Research and Development activities carried out within the project represent a high level of innovation as they operate an interaction between different paradigms of AI: Automatic Reasoning, Computer Vision, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning.

The paradigms of artificial intelligence play a crucial role in Industry 4.0. These paradigms enable companies to harness the potential of data and automation to improve efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable the rapid and efficient analysis of large amounts of data, uncovering hidden patterns and trends. This allows companies to make more informed, data-driven decisions, optimizing production processes and reducing machine downtime. Furthermore, the integration of advanced robotics and intelligent monitoring systems enhances workplace safety and increases overall productivity. The paradigms of artificial intelligence offer unprecedented opportunities for innovation in Industry 4.0, enabling businesses to create new products and services, enhance the customer experience, and quickly adapt to market changes.