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Monthly Archives: April 2022


Industry 4.0: Reasearch partnership between DLVSystem and Intellimech

DLVSystem is a consultant for Intellimech Consortium in the research project MAP4ID - Multipurpose Analytics Platform 4 Industrial Data. MAP4ID implements a software platform for Industry 4.0 (IoT, corporate information systems, external sources of information). DLVSystem provides its own know-how for analysis methods of concrete industrial processes by most innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies.

2022-04-19T12:35:02+02:0019 April, 2022|Featured|

Predicting Hospital Infection by Artificial Intelligence

DLVSystem is a consulting company for Energent in the Laocoonte project, an innovation program of "Fabbrica Intelligente" Call of the Economic Development Ministry, that develops Artificial Intelligence techniques for the analysis and classification of information in clinical admissions. The analyzed models allow the identification of significant correlations between clinical datasets and the occurrence of

2022-04-05T12:13:58+02:001 April, 2022|Featured|