Recently, we had the honor of hosting Professor Georg Gottlob, one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and the integration of symbolic and subsymbolic approaches.

Integrating these two approaches is crucial for the future of AI:

  • Symbolic Approach: Based on logic and explicit rules, it allows for clear understanding and transparent interpretations of decision-making processes.
  • Subsymbolic Approach: Uses neural networks and deep learning to model complex and unstructured data, ensuring greater adaptability and learning capabilities.

The main advantage of this integration lies in creating more robust and versatile systems, combining the transparency and reliability of the symbolic with the power and flexibility of the subsymbolic. This represents a significant advancement for technological innovation.

Georg Gottlob is globally recognized as a luminary in the field of artificial intelligence and an innovator in critical ICT sectors. He is an emeritus professor at the University of Oxford, a member of the European Academy of Sciences Academia Europaea (London), and a fellow of the Royal Society; he has received prestigious awards worldwide.

During the meeting, the Research and Development team proposed a workshop in which the solutions and applications developed by the company were presented and examined.

Professor Georg Gottlob guided new developments and innovative verticalisations with valuable advice and insights on the frontier of research. He also emphasized the importance of continuous training for our company personnel, especially those involved in developing applications in the fields of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) and Knowledge Management. Continuous training is essential to stay ahead and develop innovative and efficient solutions.

We are grateful to Professor Georg Gottlob for his visit, for sharing his valuable insights, and for his strategic suggestions. We are excited to implement what we have learned and to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.