DLVSystem S.r.l. is pleased to announce its  sponsorship in the twenty-second edition of the International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA 2023). The event will take place in Rome from 6 to 9 November  2023. DLVSystem will set up its own information stand at the Department of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Aeronautical Technologies, Roma Tre University, Via Vito Volterra, 62, 00146 Rome

AIxIA 2023 represents a significant meeting platform for experts, researchers, and professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This annual conference provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and innovations in the AI field and promotes the development of strategic collaborations.

Participating in such an event is of paramount importance for an innovative company like DLVSystem. Here are some of the reasons why we have chosen to be present at AIxIA 2023:

  • Knowledge Exchange: The conference gathers some of the top AI experts. By participating, we will have the opportunity to access the latest research and trends in the field, keeping us updated on the most recent innovations.
  • Networking: AIxIA 2023 offers an exceptional opportunity to build meaningful connections with other professionals and companies operating in the AI field. These relationships can lead to future collaborations and strategic partnerships.
  • Visibility: Participation in an internationally renowned conference like AIxIA 2023 allows us to increase our visibility in the industry and position ourselves as leaders in the AI field.
  • Inspiration and Innovation: Listening to presentations by world-renowned experts can inspire us and drive us to develop even more advanced and creative solutions.

The CEO of DLVSystem, Francesco Calimeri, says: “We hope that our participation in AIxIA 2023 will contribute to strengthening our position as a leading company in Artificial Intelligence and enable us to continue delivering innovative solutions to our clients. We invite you to visit our stand at the conference to learn more about DLVSystem and to discuss how we can contribute to your company. We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing this exciting experience with you.”