DLVSystem S.r.l., a leader in technological innovation and a pillar in the field of artificial intelligence and key technologies, is pleased to announce with great enthusiasm the appointment of Georg Gottlob, co-founder of DLVSystem, in Italy, at the University of Calabria.

Georg Gottlob is globally recognized as a luminary in the field of artificial intelligence and an innovator in the crucial sectors of ICT.

He is Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford, a member of the European Academy of Sciences Academia Europaea (London), and fellow of the Royal Society; he has been awarded many prestigious prizes worldwide.

His extensive expertise and profound knowledge are an invaluable asset to the academic community and the local area. The University of Calabria will benefit immensely from his presence, as he will significantly contribute to raising the level of research and teaching in the field of AI. Furthermore, his work will foster vital synergies among local and global ICT companies, also thanks to the collaboration with DLVSystem S.r.l., a strategic partner of the University of Calabria and a promoter of technological innovation in the region.

DLVSystem S.r.l. is committed to supporting Georg Gottlob in his mission to enrich the community and promote the development of AI and key technologies, and warmly welcomes him to Calabria.