DLVSystem is a consultant for Intellimech Consortium in the research project MAP4ID – Multipurpose Analytics Platform 4 Industrial Data.

MAP4ID implements a software platform for Industry 4.0 (IoT, corporate information systems, external sources of information). DLVSystem provides its own know-how for analysis methods of concrete industrial processes by most innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Intellimech is a research consortium in the mechatronic field bringing together several Italian enterprises (ABB, Brembo, Fassi, Scame, etc.).

DLVsystem Ceo says: “Within this partnership DLVSystem plays an important role by transferring to the market the most cutting-edge results in Artificial Intelligence and providing industrial applications, according to the corporate mission”.

Specifically, DLVSystem provides a platform’s implementation by inductive and deductive technologies and by deploying concrete use cases such as:

  • integration of machine vision and reasoning techniques for quality checking into panel production;
  • optimization of the production chain of beverage staplers;
  • predictive analysis of weaving loom failures.