In recent years, the advent of social networks, smartphones and smart devices along with IoT(Internet of Things) increased the need to store and manage large volumes of data. This kind of data collected from networks (social, sensors, etc.) are not suitable to be structured by means of traditional DB. For this reason, the use of NoSQL (Not only SQL)Databases has become widespread.

DLVSystem’s R&D team has recently extended the DLV system in order to make it capable to interact with well-established NoSQL systems, e.g., MongoDB, for the purpose of efficient reasoning on Big Data. A Python middleware is now available, that is able to receive and process a query provided to DLV via the use of external atoms, and return the data retrieved from the MongoDB database.

CEO Francesco Calimeri says: “We have spent significant efforts on the advancement of the DLV technology; we first opened up to low-computational-power devices (smartphones, microcomputers, etc.), and then to Big Data. The synergy between Reasoning and Big Data Analytics techniques has a great potential in the realization of innovative enterprise solutions”.

The new feature has been integrated into the Enterprise Edition DLV system, an ASP-based framework for performing declarative reasoning tasks, making it compatible with data-intensive applications with reference to Big Data systems, Classic relational databases and noSQL databases.